River Country Recreational Authority (RCRA) FAQ

//River Country Recreational Authority (RCRA) FAQ

River Country Recreational Authority (RCRA) FAQ






Q: What is the mission of the RCRA? Has the mission been amended to include a sports complex?

A: Our Articles of Incorporation state clearly in Article IV that our purpose is to promote “Trails and pathways and such other facilities as are authorized by Section 5 of Act 321.” While our initial focus has been on non-motorized walking and biking trails, we are supportive of anything recreational that gets people outdoors and active. Act 321 goes on to include things like parks and further clarifies that parks include public athletic fields. Nothing has changed in our mission.

Q: Is the proposed Three Rivers Sports Complex an RCRA project?

A: While the RCRA has gone on record numerous times in support of the Sports Complex, the Sports Complex is a city park, run and controlled by the City of Three Rivers. The RCRA was asked by the city to appoint an advisory committee to develop a site plan based on public input. That has been the official extent of the RCRA’s involvement.

Q: Will a Recreation Millage be required to complete the construction and long-term maintenance of the Sports Complex?

A: The idea of a Recreation Millage to promote recreation in our area has been there from the very beginning. It was hoped that the various governmental units in the area would work together to promote healthy lifestyles and would be willing to help fund recreational opportunities. That’s what Recreation Authorities were created to do. To the best of our knowledge, the city plans to construct the Sports Complex with funds from the county, private parties, and grants. Maintenance of the grounds is proposed to come from user fees or volunteers from the three youth sports organizations.

Q: Can the RCRA just levy a Recreation Millage?

A: No. Public Act 321 does give a Recreation Authority the power to levy a millage for recreational purposes but only with the approval of a majority of the electorate within the authority. At this time, no such proposal is under consideration. If in the future a recreation millage is proposed, it will be vetted through an open public forum and a vote of the electorate.

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